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These flexible reinforced rubber plugs span large differences in diameter, so each model could be used on different pipes. They are easy to operate, and can withstand up to 2 bars back pressure. The plugs can be delivered with bypass to pump fluid through them or let fluid flow through them while installed. There are also choices for special materials if needed to withstand oil or other chemicals. As standard, we deliver these in sizes ranging from 20mm-1600mm.


  • Simple, safe and quick isolation of pipes

  • Can be used for pressure testing or letting fluid flow controlled from the pipe

  • Simple handling


  • Activated with air (1-2,5 bar)

  • Can be used in a wide range of temperatures

  • Special plugs for oil and chemicals

  • Short plugs for pipes where there is no room for standard plugs

  • Flexible for ease of transport, storage and installation in pipes

  • Installed by hand or with light equipment

Specifications plugs with bypass


Specifications short plugs with bypass

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