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Pipeline Retrieval Tools facilitate the laydown or recovery of subsea pipelines and are designed for lifting large diameter pipe and heavy loads. The laying of subsea pipelines involves the placement of large diameter tubulars in an environment where extreme forces or motions may result in buckling and flooding the pipeline. In this event, the damaged pipe section must be removed and a repair process implemented. The replacement pipe may be tied-in using hyperbaric welding facilities, or the pipeline end may be recovered to the pipe lay vessel for surface repairs.
A Pipeline Retrieval Tool provides the connection between the pipeline and the recovery cable required to handle or manoeuvre the pipeline end. The Pipeline Retrieval Tool engages in the pipeline bore to provide a secure but controllable facility for the connection of the retrieval cable.
Tapered locks featuring the Diamondlock™ tooth profile operate on a wedge principle, improving the connection efficiency as the load increases. Once set, this fail-safe mode of operation enables the mechanical connection with the pipeline to remain secure independent of the tool hydraulic activation system. A seal and vent system within the Pipeline Retrieval Tool assembly enables the pipe to be de-watered prior to the lifting operation.


  • Size range: 6” to 48”

  • Taper lock-ring to anchor tool

  • Fail-safe design feature; lock and seal energised as load increases

  • Seal and vent system enables dewatering prior to pipe lifting

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