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Pipe End Plugs provide a fast and efficient method of installing temporary test caps on plain end pipe for hydrostatic leak and strength tests up to 350 bar / 5076 psi. Pipe End Plugs reduce time and material costs, minimise environmental impact and improve testing productivity and are robustly designed to sustain the rigours of the fabrication yard environment. STATS range of Pipe End Plugs cover two separate products with the I-PEP™ fitting the pipe internally and the patented E-PEP™ gripping the pipe externally.

E-PEP™ – External Pipe End Plugs

The E-PEP series of patented Pipe End Plugs are fitted to the pipe end and hydraulically actuated, gripping the pipe externally. The introduction of hydraulic set pressure activates a mechanical lock assembly that grips the OD of the pipe whilst simultaneously energising an elastomeric seal in the ID.

This allows the pipework to be quickly and efficiently pressure tested with minimum preparation to the pipe end and no remedial work after the E-PEP is removed. A through-port allows the system to be filled and pressurised or vented through the E-PEP. To remove the E-PEP from the pipe end, hydraulic pressure is applied to the unset circuit. Retracting the lock assembly and de-energising the seal, allowing the tool to be removed. The E-PEP range covers pipe sizes from 3” to 36” complementing the I-PEP range.


  • Reduced cost associated with welding / cutting end caps during construction and fabrication activities

  • Saves time with faster completion of hydrostatic testing during construction and fabrication activities

  • Sale or rental options available complete with full ancillary equipment


  • Simple, straight forward installation, installed and activated in a matter of minutes

  • Test pressure applies differential pressure across the tool keeping the locks and seals self-energised ensuring fail-safe operation

  • Generous radial clearance to cope with typical internal obstructions such as weld beads, ovality, etc

  • Non-destructive, does not damage the interior / exterior wall of pipes or vessels

  • Internal / external grip lock assembly applies even linear and circumferential grip load around the host pipe, eliminating localised material deformity and localised stress fractures

  • High performance, large section, quality elastomer seals ensure a leak-tight seal and provide excellent radial expansion and relaxation properties, even after many operating cycles

  • Through-port allows efficient fill or vent of the test medium

  • Robust construction ensures years of trouble free operation even in the harshest environments

  • Suitable for installation in horizontal, vertical and inclined piping

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