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Pin-Hole Leak Repair Clamps have been developed for process piping repair in oil and gas process facilities for holes or defects up to 12 millimeters. Clamps are available in sizes from 2” up to 48” as standard and for pressures up to 153 Bar.
Designed for simple installation, Pin-Hole Leak Repair Clamps are designed to provide a rapid and versatile solution for localised leak points. Installation can be undertaken with minimal disruption to the pipework or operation of the system to which they are fitted.
The clamp comprises of two halves which are fitted around the pipe and the bolts are tightened to compress the clamp to the pipe wall. A compression screw with an elastomer sealing cone is inserted at the leak location and torqued in position to create a seal. Pin-Hole Leak Repair Clamps are a cost effective solution for pipe repairs to restore the integrity of the system allowing production to resume.


  • Size range: nominal pipe sizes 2” to 48” as standard

  • Pressure range: up to 153 Bar (900lbs)

  • Maximum pin-hole size up to 12mm

  • No preparation required

  • Can be fitted onto live leak

  • Simple to install

  • Xylan coating provides excellent corrosion resistance

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