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In-Line Weld Test Tools provide hot work barriers and localised hydrostatic testing to verify the integrity of welds or fittings, reducing system downtime, minimising environmental impact and increasing worksite safety. 
In-Line Weld Test Tools are commonly used during the maintenance and modification of piping or process equipment, enabling localised pressure testing. Inserted into the piping or equipment component to be tested, In-Line Weld Test Tools provide a fast and efficient method of verifying the integrity of butt welds, joints or other welded pipe components.
Additionally, Inline Weld Test Tools can be used to provide a verified atmospheric barrier adjacent to the hot work source. Once positioned at location and activated these tools provide a verified vapour barrier allowing hot work activities to safely take place.
To conduct a test of the new weld the Inline Weld Test Tool is repositioned over the weld area and hydraulically set, activating the dual elastomer seals and creating a test boundary. The weld test is typically undertaken using water as the test medium, however this can be conducted using inert gas where necessary. The test is typically a strength test of the joint at 1.5 times the design pressure, although can also be used as a leak testing means, typically undertaken at 1.1 times the design pressure.
In-Line Weld Test Tools can be configured with increased seal span to provide a test envelope for valves and branch fittings. Extended tools are available on request configured to suit application.


  • Reduces system downtime and increases worksite safety by minimising pressure test volume.

  • Operators save time and reduce costs by limiting test area to only the new weld or welded components.

  • Timely completion of maintenance and modification activities.

  • No requirement to flood and de-water gas systems.

  • No requirement for full system pressurisation, beneficial to mature systems by decreasing potential for spading or leakage.

  • Installed and activated in a matter of minutes.

  • Sale or rental options available, complete with full ancillary equipment.


  • Simple, straight forward installation and operation.

  • Installed and activated in a matter of minutes.

  • Large section high quality elastomer seals ensure a leak-tight seal, even in pitted pipework.

  • Designed with generous radial clearance to cope with typical internal obstructions such as weld beads, ovality, etc.

  • Easily installed pre-hot work operations to provide a verified vapour barrier.

  • Suitable for use with most test mediums (liquid or gas).

  • High performance elastomer seals provide excellent radial expansion and relaxation properties, even after many operating cycles.

  • Robust construction ensures years of trouble free operation even in the harshest environments.

  • Suitable for installation in horizontal, vertical and inclined piping.


  • Size range: common pipe sizes ¾”- 36” as standard.

  • Sizes up to 72” available on request.

  • ABSA Certified: CRN – 0H11625.2

  • Hydraulically actuated above 2”.

  • Pressure range up to 690 Bar / 10,000 psi dependent on specification, maximum test pressure to suit system.

  • Pressure assisted sealing.

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