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Subsea Pipe End Plugs can be supplied as a temporary or permanent cap to terminate open pipe ends. They provide a robust isolation barrier to prevent seawater ingress or residual hydrocarbon escape to the environment.
The Pipe End Plugs are supplied with securing taper locks to ensure integrity of the isolation plug in the pipeline at the specified pressures and large section elastomeric compression seals provide a leak-tight seal, even in corroded and pitted pipework.
These high performance plugs are simple to install and activate by diver or ROV. Once inserted into the open pipe end the plugs are mechanically or hydraulically activated, setting the locks and seals, and securing the plug into position. Pipe End Plugs are available with a single or dual seal as required and can also be supplied with a through port for filling or venting the pipe. Handling brackets and buoyancy devices can be supplied as required to aid installation.
The Pipe End Plug lock and seal technology is based on the Tecno Plug® range of high pressure isolation tools which have an extensive track record in a vast range of pipeline contents. Plugs are available in a range of pipe sizes from ¾” to 54” and up to 230 bar as standard.

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