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DNV GL type approved mechanical pipe connectors provide a cold-work solution, removing the associated risks of welding. Quick and efficient to install, this permanent solution significantly reduces maintenance duration and provides a cost-effective solution for piping repair, tie-in or capping of redundant pipework.

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Asset Integrity offers pipe end plugs, in-line weld testers and flange weld testers for low and high pressure testing of pipelines or welded joints.


Vapour barrier plug provides fail-safe double block and bleed pipeline isolation of pressurised systems while they remain live and at operating pressure. The isolation plugs provide dual seals with a zero-energy zone to enable maintenance work on pressurised systems to be carried out safely and efficiently.

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Asset Integrity offers a range of products for the pipeline market, including plugs for temporary or permanent cap, mechanical pipe connectors and pipeline retrieval tools.


Asset Integrity supplies double block and bleed welding systems to safeguard welding operations where dangerous and explosive gases have the potential to migrate into the welding area.  These twin barrier sets can introduce inert gases between the bags or upstream to guarantee and monitor the gas situation in the pipe and keep the welder informed. Both welding bags, the area between them and behind the last bag can be monitored, filled and drained separately for full control during operations and to satisfy double block and bleed requirements.

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Asset Integrity offers a wide range of compression plugs for low to medium pressure. These mechanical or hydraulic activated plugs are used up to 100 bar pressure, seals against the internal surface of the pipes, but do not create any gripping marks. Contact us to discuss possibilities.



Asset Integrity AS is a leading supplier of equipment and services related to testing, isolation and repair of pipelines in the oil and gas industry. Based in Stavanger, we provide our clients all over Norway with support related to our fields of expertise. With strong backing from our suppliers, we represent many people with decades of experience and a large pool of technician ready to support projects for our clients.

We understand the criticality of system outages, and that operators need to meet production and export commitments in conjunction with managing safety obligations, reducing outage costs and complying with environmental requirements.

With an extensive track record and strong backing from our partners, Asset Integrity AS provide best in class equipment for sale or rental to major operators and contractors during maintenance shutdowns and turnarounds. Asset Integrity AS and our suppliers have gained an excellent reputation for providing a responsive service, improving safety, efficiency and reducing client expenditure and downtime during maintenance activities.

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